Commencement of Used Vehicle Trading Marketplace Utilizing Blockchain Technology, For the Asia-Oceania Region

November 4th, 2020

With plans for expansion in 15 countries across the Asia-Oceania region, starting from New Zealand

Shelf AP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Anzai Izuru, hereinafter referred to as Shelf AP) has commenced the used vehicle trading marketplace service, “Shelf”, which utilizes DLT “Blockchain” technology to establish a solid traceability system.

“Shelf” adopts a method called decentralized data management and allows the improvement of the authenticity and security of data acquired via the Internet with real-time cross-border transactions simultaneously because the used vehicle trading market is continuously growing globally.

At the start of service provision, Shelf AP collaborates with Car7 Development. Co.,LTD, BE FORWARD CO.,LTD., and Broadleaf Co., Ltd. By collaborating with them, we established the safe, reliable, stable quality and quantity of service to the growing global market. We continuously tighten and expand our ecosystem partners.

<Efforts with Partner Companies>
Car7 Development. CO.,LTD.
Car7 handles over 200,000 used vehicles annually and provide their inventory sharing system called “Super-Hub”.
By linking “Super-Hub” with “Shelf”, Car7’s vehicles automatically link and allow supplying steady quantity and high-quality vehicles to overseas market. Data linkage with Car7 is scheduled for December 2020.

BE FORWARD is a global leader in used car exports, annually exporting over 130,000 cars to 200 countries around the world. By using the platform of BE FORWARD, it will be possible for companies that have no experience in exporting used cars to utilize a convenient one-stop service, ranging from domestic land transportation to overseas export.

Broadleaf CO.,LTD.
Broadleaf is the No.1 IT vendor of the automotive aftermarket industry.
By linking the vehicle sales system developed and provided by Broadleaf with “Shelf”, the users of its system can expand their sales channels overseas beyond domestic.

<Future Prospects>
Shelf AP gradually expands our used vehicle trading marketplace services, starting from Japan towards the Asia-Oceania region. Besides, for countries with restrictions on the importation of used vehicles, we aim to provide the platform services focused on the domestic distribution that is expected to grow rapidly.

Car7 Development. CO.,LTD. President and CEO Takayuki Inoue
We expect that Shelf AP’s used vehicle distribution using Blockchain technology which has already been proven and has produced great results in North America and Europe can eliminate the anxiety and uncertainty for both the importers and exporters.
We prospect Shelf AP can create new value for both consumers and businesses by establishing their new system of used vehicle distribution at cross-border trading and also domestic.

BE FORWARD CO.,LTD. President Hironori Yamakawa
We are delighted to provide our logistics services to the “Shelf” marketplace. We are confident that by utilizing our used car platform, many customers will have the environment to easily expand their sales channels to overseas markets. Through strengthening cooperation with Shelf AP, our unique services we provide will play a major contribution to the success of our customers’ businesses.

Broadleaf CO.,LTD. President and CEO Kenji Oyama
We are very pleased to provide values to both customers by linking our solution with “Shelf”, which utilizes Blockchain technology in their used vehicle trading marketplace.
We will tighten cooperation with Shelf AP to make the automotive aftermarket industry more vigorous.

■ Car7 Development. CO.,LTD.
Representative : Takayuki Inoue
Headquarters   : 2-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Osaki Wiz Tower 23rd floor
Business overview : Management of the car retail and purchasing franchise chain, provision and entrusted development of system regarding to the used vehicle selling and buying, etc.

Representative : Hironori Yamakawa
Headquarters : 4-20-2, Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-0024, Japan
Business overview : Sale and export of new and used auto parts

■ Broadleaf CO.,LTD.
Representative : Kenji Oyama
Headquarters : 4-13-14 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Glass Cube Shinagawa 8F
Business overview : Provision software, IT solutions and services that support the field services of the players in the automotive aftermarket and various other business sectors and industries.

■ Shelf AP Co., Ltd.
Representative : Anzai Izuru
Headquarters : 8th Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 2-16-4 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
Established : April 2019
Capital : 10 million JPY
Business overview : Planning, design and consulting services for e-commerce
Operate auction site/marketplace, pre-assessment services
Software, application and platform planning, design, engineering, management and maintenance that are used Blockchain, AI and other advanced technologies.

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