About Shelf AP

Our Vision

Updating the Used Car Distribution by the latest technology

Since the used car is traded by multiple times and buyers, “Accuracy of information” is a primary concern when it comes to purchasing. On the other hand, “Reliability of information” gradually drops through trading repeatedly due to re-registering data and missing the information sharing system internationally. Moreover, the used car distribution procedures still exist much paperwork and check documents manually among many companies. So the existing scheme has a huge potential to improve work efficiency. We introduce advanced technology based on Blockchain to our platform and digitalize existing processes to achieve sharing more accurate and reliable information and improve efficiency among the used car distribution channels.
Shelf AP visions to make the digital transformation to the entire used car industry and change the industry to be more optimized and sustainable.

Shelf AP

Corporate Name Shelf AP Co., Ltd.
CEO Jun Crane
Location Head Office
8th Shinagawa grand central tower, 2-16-4 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo Japan 108-0075
Established April, 2019
Capital Stock 10,000,000 JPY
  • Planning, design and consulting services for e-commerce
  • Operate auction site/marketplace, pre-assessment services
  • Software, application and platform planning, design, engineering, management and maintenance that are used blockchain, AI and other advanced technologies.
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Second-hand dealer
license number
No. 301101906112
(Issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)


Shelf.Network Inc. is a technology company focused on building vehicle trade infrastructures, marketplaces, payment systems and holding re-marketing licenses of Leading US and EU companies in the industry such as: Insurance auto auctions, CARFAX, Adesa, Arval and etc.
Company has developed a technology enabling to deploy B2B or B2C online marketplaces and synchronize the trade process with international sellers in real-time.
Clients can benefit from using integrated CRM and sales team management system with fully functional e-commerce platform.


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